About us


Hello and welcome to Four Way Kennels Dog Motel from the owners, Steve and Leonie Driver.

We built and opened the kennels in October 2002 and won the New Business of the year award, from then on we have grown to be the destination of choice for the care of your beloved pet.

We are animal people out here and as you drive in you will often see the Sheep, Ducks and Horses (who all have names) just wandering around without a care in the world.

As soon as you pull up in the car park the dogs let us know that you are here, they are our watch dogs. So just put your dog on a lead and come on in to the office and we will show you to your room. If you need a hand on arrival please let us know.

We are a boarding kennel for your Dogs and we are here to keep your dog safe and to take care of them while you are away.

If you would like to come and check us out before your stay, that is fine, no need to call, just come on out during our opening hours. You can also take a look around via the photo tour.

The Facilities

All pens are individual with besser block in between, families can room together and some people like their dog to share with other dogs of similar size and nature.

Making them comfortable

When dropping off and picking up we let you the owners tuck them into their beds and say goodbye (tissues in the office) and be there to see how excited they are when you pick them up.

You are welcome to bring in a blanket of their’s or their own bed or toys, whatever you would like them to have while they are here with us.

If your dog is on medication, has special needs, or has come from the vets in need of extra care that is not a problem, just let us know what is to be done.

We have long grassed runs and, if allowed by the owners, dogs are let off the lead or go out for a stroll.

Meal Time

We feed a top quality dry dog food called Advance and also have minced Beef , and a selection of Tinned & Sachet Dog food on hand.

You are welcome to bring in doggie chews for your dog but for safety reasons we don’t allow meat bones or raw chicken bones.

Vaccination requirements

All Dogs are required to be vaccinated with a C5, so on presentation of your dog for boarding we will just sight the vaccination card and put it on your dog's record.

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